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Bogata Suma & ecology

permaculture gardenCampsite Bogata Suma ('rich forest') is situated on the top of a hill in the middle of a forest in Croatia. We have a few wells with good drinking water on the terrain, we're growing a food forest and we have an organic garden and orchard.

We do our best to live in harmony with nature. That includes collecting and separating our waste, using only biodegradable/compostable/local products, and eating according to the season from our organic garden. We cook on the wood out of our forest. One less consumption of fossil fuels.

Please don't use environmentally unfriendly products and please bring all your waste to the collecting point.

Eco can be a difficult term. Some people think it is about limitations or a spiritual path. Others use the lable to hide dirt. We think it is about awareness and common sense. To us eco is what fits the natural cycle. Never too much, always creative, sometimes simple.

Let's enjoy the pearl EARTH as long as possible, together with all beings.


picking berries for juice, jam and winepicking berries for juice, jam and wine  




Campsite Bogata Suma, Živković Kosa 11, HR-47220 Vojnić, Croatia. Phone: +385955088572 e-mail