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Food & drinks at Bogata Suma

At our campsite Bogata Suma you can have your meal with the family. We like to cook delicious, healthy meals with ingredients from our own (organic) garden and terrain. The menu depends on the season and the harvest of the day.
Please inform us in advance if you want to join our meal.

Food from our beautiful vegetable garden

Buy our organic eggs, fruits & vegetables

You can also buy organic eggs from our chickens, fruits and vegetables from our land. Availability depends on the season and on the harvest of the day. If you have special requests, please let us know in advance so we can find a way to help you.
Organic honey comes from our neighbour Stevo.

Eating with the family camp site with entertainment and food


Restaurant with fresh roasted pigIf you want to eat out in a restaurant, you can go to Muljava (15 minutes drive) or have a simple snack at The Joker in Vojnic (less than 10 minutes drive, or 45 minutes walk). In Karlovac (30 minutes drive) there are more restaurants, including a (river)fish restaurant at the river Korana.

The restaurants along the main road are famous for their fresh roasted pigs and lambs. The animals were bought from local farmers and had a happy life in the fields, eating grass, flowers and herbs.






Campsite Bogata Suma, Živković Kosa 11, HR-47220 Vojnić, Croatia. Phone: +385955555677 e-mail